Say "yes" to the penny on november 7.


On November 7, Spartanburg County residents will vote on a temporary (6 years) one percent sales tax on non-essentials* that will allow us to build safer and more energy efficient government and judicial facilities, replacing ones that are outdated, inadequate and inefficient to operate. 

A major advantage of the funding plan is that roughly 33% of the money – some $70 million – is expected to come from outsiders visiting Spartanburg County. The real alternative is a permanent property tax increase, and no one wants that.

We have always come together to build a better Spartanburg. We don’t need a long-term property tax increase. We do need safe, modern, energy efficient and properly sized facilities to conduct Spartanburg’s business.

* The additional 1% sales tax would not apply to groceries, prescription medicines, certain maximum tax items such as automobiles, and sales of personal property exempt from State sales tax.

What Does An Additional Penny Per Dollar Get Us?

• New Judicial Center and parking garage
• New Municipal court/police building
• New Emergency Operations Center
• City/County Joint Government Center


Why Is New Construction Needed?

•  Because the existing facilities, built almost 60 years ago, are not built to modern building codes.
•  Because the existing facilities would be incredibly expensive to update and maintain.
•  Because the existing facilities would continue to be inadequate in size and technology infrastructure, even if they were updated.

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Saying “Yes” To The Penny Is A Vote For Public Safety

When was the last time you walked alongside a group of inmates? If you or any of your loved ones get called for jury duty, chances are you and/or they will. If you or any of your loved ones have to go to the courthouse to conduct business, chances are you and/or they will. Voting yes for the penny will ensure you and your loved ones finally have a secure, safe and modern facility free from mold.


Saying “Yes” To The Penny Is A Vote For Healthier Work Environments

When the current facilities were built, nearly 60 years ago, Spartanburg was much smaller and building codes were not what they are now. If you or any of your loved ones work in one of the facilities, you will understand when we say they are too small, lacking in technology infrastructure and have air quality (HVAC) issues.

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Saying “Yes” To The Penny On November 7 Will:

• Improve public safety
• Minimize government employee health issues
• Reduce wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars
• Improve economic development and job creation
• Avoid a permanent property tax increase


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Clemson Economic Impact Study

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